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Offer: woood moisture meter mc-7828p

Date: 2017.06.28
Id: 24779

*Wood fiber materials, wooden articles
*Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco
*Cotton paper, building, soil and other fibre materials.
Moisture Meters include coton Moisture Meter,soil moisture meter,wood moisture meter.
Moisture Meters can measure the moisture content to know the humidity.

Meaning: Pin Type
Specifications: Wood Over 150 Species
Measuring Range: 0~80 %
Accuracy: ±(0.5%n+0.5)
Resolution: 0.1
Display: 4 Digits, 10 mm LCD, With Color Coded LED Indicator
LED Indicator:
Green LED represents a safe, air-dry state
Yellow LED represents a borderline state
Red LED represents a damp state
Calibration: Automatic
Battery Indicator: Low Battery Indicator
Data Output:USB, RS-232, Bluetooth
Data Memory: 240 Groups
Operating Conditions:Temperature: 0~50 C, Humidity:

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