Offer: mongkey pod / suar wood live edge slab and teak wood live edge slab

Date: 2024.04.30
Id: 27247

KD Fine sanded Mongkey Pod Slab, KD Fine sanded Teak Wood slab, KD Fine sanded Rosewood Slab ( Rare)
Ready for to go (in Stock) 200's pcs Live Edge Board.

Monkey Pod wood slab is a stunning example of nature’s handiwork, celebrated for its rich colors and unique grain patterns. This beautiful piece of wood is more than just material; it’s a canvas that carries the spirit of the tropical forests with it. Each slab boasts deep, warm hues that invite a feeling of coziness and authenticity into any space. Whether it’s going to be your next dining table, countertop, or a striking piece of custom furniture, a Monkey Pod wood slab is a choice that radiates positivity and promises to transform your living area into a haven of natural elegance.
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Posted by: Farah Diba
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