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Offer: White oak charcoal BBQ charcoal

Date: 2017.06.21
Id: 25369


Nature Wood White Oak Charcoal BBQ Charcoal
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Nature Wood White Oak Charcoal BBQ Charcoal

The bbq charcoal can divided into two types:wood charcoal and mechanism charcoal.The wood charcoal

is firing by fruit tree,bamboo or other high density wood,is a traditional bbq charcoal,burning with a little

smoke,fire toxin,easy to control.And now have another bbq charcoal made by machine,called smokeless

charcoal,have long burning time,burning with no smoke.Appears hexagon,medium altitude,for medium

altitude easy to appear open fire, it’s not easy control for beginner.

Classification: bamboo charcoal

High temperature quadrangle Bamboo charcoal