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Date: 2019.03.15
Id: 25996

Proper selection and use of oil filters will prevent many short- and long-term problems with your compressed air equipment and systems, and will save you considerable time and cost of replacement during the life of your compressed air system.

Specially produced Nuvofil Oil Filters for your compressors provide superior filtration while offering high oil permeability. Nuvofil Oil Filters are designed to work with all synthetic, conventional and blended engine oils. All our oil filters are subjected to pressure and tightness tests.

Oil Filter production can be carried out on demand depending on technical drawings and data.

Brand References

Oil-Filter Atlas Copco 1622460100
Oil-Filter Atlas Copco 1622460180
Oil-Filter Atlas Copco 1625840300
Oil-Filter Mann & Hummel HU864

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