Offer: pine and spruce posting description

Date: 2020.06.29
Id: 25802

We offer a wide choice of hard and soft wood lumbers; fresh-cut, dried, heat-treated, with anti-mould treatment, chamferred boards and we can sell also in various sizes base on client specification. If the order volume is more than one truck load, it is possible to make size matterial according to customer’s drawings. We can also manufacture other industrial packaging from the wood. As thus, we provide quick, timely and controlled orders.


Wood Lumbers: Beech Lumber, Pine Lumber, Spruce Lumber, Birch Lumber, Aspen Lumber, Alder Lumber, Ash Lumber, Cherry Lumber, Eucalyptus Lumber, Oak Lumber, Poplar Lumber.

Method of Drying:
-KD /AD Dry or according to customer specifications.

Moisture content:
-Pallet Lumbers KD (Kiln-Dried) 18-20%, Pine(KD 18-22%)
-SPF KD(Kiln-Dried) 18-20%

Thicknesses: 16/19/20/21/ 24/28/30/32/33/38/40/45/50 mm

Widths: 50-250 mm

Length: up to 6.1m


Surface: No knots rotten , No holes, or No cracks

Posted by: Marina Evgina
Phone: +380685131454