Offer: Pine, beech,acasia, spruce, birch, rubber fire wood

Date: 2021.03.29
Id: 25097

Pine, beech,acasia, spruce, birch, rubber fire wood
High quality ash firewood logs, chopped in 25 cm pieces, suits most fireplaces, campfires, outdoor barbecue and pizza ovens
Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale, Oak and Beech Firewood Logs
- Hornbeam Firewood
- Fir Firewood
- Ash Firewood
- Alder Firewood
- Oak Firewood
- Birch Firewood
- Spruce Firewood
- Beech Firewood
- Dried Kiln Firewood
Measures outside: 1.2 m * 0.8 m * 2.0 m.
Split length: 25-100 cm
width of the split: 8-16cm
Wood fire size: 25cm, 33 cm or 50 cm;
The thickness of wood is 5-15 cm.
Fire wood diameter 7 - 19 cm;
Moisture Content: 4500kcal/kg
Diameter: 5cm to 15cm
Length: 20cm to 50mm
Burn Value: 90-95%
Humidity: 12%;
1 pallet=1 Ton
28 pallet= 1 Truck
Our prices are very cheap as compared to other suppliers and our wood will be the best for winter period. We have the capacity to supply large quantity orders and we will be looking forward to establishing a long term business relationship with any Interested company.punctuality as to delivery of our product has made us one of the top ranking competitors in the world.

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