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Request: pine or fir logs

Date: 2018.04.10
Id: 25664

1. Fir or Spruce Logs. Log sizes should be 3m long and circumference more than 48in. Annual requirement is 20000 m3 but 5-10 containers could be considered for a trial lot. CIF Karachi.

2. Requirement is for Pin/Fir/Spruce wood planks for packaging purpose. 1500CBM in totatl. Required sizes are below. Please quote us price on CIF Karachi port basis.
Sizes = Quantity
(Thickness x width)
16x225mm = 37 CBM
19x225mm = 28.3 CBM
22x225mm = 1277 CBM
25x225mm = 147 CBM
29x225mm = 264 CBM
35x225mm = 59.5 CBM
38x28.5 = 28.5 CBM
54x225mm = 42.5 CBM
80x225mm = 8.5 CBM

Length : 2 meter or above.
Moisture Contents around 30%
Unseasoned wood planks are also acceptable.
Note : Inspection criteria is given in annex-B attached here