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Offer: Pine timber from Ukraine

Date: 2023.05.25
Id: 27160

Bespoke Wood Products: We predominantly work with one of the most common wood types - pine. We offer these premium quality woods, customized to your desired thicknesses (10mm-180mm) and lengths (up to 6 meters).
Expansive Production Capacity: Our monthly output extends to 500 cubic meters overall, allowing you to choose the desired combination of pine, oak, and birch. We can also cater to other wood types upon request.
Thermo-Treatment & Drying: Our advanced cabins facilitate optimal humidity levels as low as 6%.
Wood Impregnation: Our bespoke impregnation services utilize baths and your choice of chemicals to meet your specific requirements.
Streamlined Logistics: We continuously endeavor to enhance our supply chain efficiency to deliver value to our clients. Shipping included in final price.