Offer: Pini kay wood briquettes

Date: 2021.03.29
Id: 25095

We sell wood briquettes RUF or Pini-kay. good quality packed in 10 kg films.
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RUF and PINI-KAY Wood briquettes for fireplaces and heating systems for winter peroid
High Quality, big Quantities available
A sustain wood briquettes is prepared according to RUF and PINI-KAY technology, which means that the sawdust is pressed using high pressure, formulating specific shape of the briquettes. RUF produced mostly from pine and larch wood while PINI-KAY from Oak wood.
The consistency of RUF and PINI-KAY is twice higher than normal wood. 1 tone of Wood briquettes replace 4 to 5 m3 of normal wood.

Wood briquettes does not consist of any additional chemical substations.
The sawdust is predryed to 12% moisture, so the wood briquettes realese minimum smoke, and has very good burning structure.
- High Quality
- The heat of combustion 21,685 kJ / kg
- The calorific value of 20,112 kJ / kg
- The ash content of 0.25%
- Moisture 7.8%
Wood briquettes is packed in 10 KG plastic packages, consisting of 12 wood briquettes each package.
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