Offer: Presswood pallet machine, compressed wood pallet machine

Date: 2018.12.26
Id: 25751

Presswood pallet machine also called wood pallet machine, wood pallet molding machine is a new type of one time forming machine.
Presswood pallet machine meets the requirement of environmental protection, which can help to recycle raw materials, such as wood chips, waste wood pallets, waste wood, timbers, kraft paper, straw, bamboo, even if plastic etc.
Presswood pallet machine can help solve the problem of the environment and also make profits.
We tested and pushed down many solutions and patterns and finally adopt the three-beam four-column structure of wood pallet machine.
1. High precision, high durability, and high automation.
2. Better molds design.
3. The four column guide device assures the precision of closing moulds and the stability of pressing during the working of press machine.
4. The upper mold is integrated with the “Sliding beam”, which doubles the strength, stability and precision.
5. High precision makes pallets surface smooth without burrs.
6. Changing the waste to treasure.

Final wood pallet features
1. Low moisture content and constant intensity and rigidity. Wood pallet is non-hygroscopic and no deformation in the course.
2. Stable dimension and no distortion and warping.
3. High precision size and light weight. It is specifically designed reinforcing rib that ensures the intensity and production accuracy.
4. Rounded design to prevent goods damage in the packaging and transportation process.
5. Stacking type. A lot of pallets can be stacked together and the height of the 50 pieces of pallets is about 7 feet.
6. Free fumigation and popular in the import and export transportation.

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