Request: request of wood shaving for animal bedding use

Date: 2024.03.14
Id: 25651

Looking for a reputed producer/supplier of wood shaving/sawdust for animal bedding use on a regular trade basis.

*Required specifications
5-15mm long / max.1mm thick in particle size
max.15% moisture
max.1% fine powder content
max.0.1% foreign matter
No chemicals, impurity, mold, speckles contained.
Stuffing in compressed block type and packing in jumbo bag (prefer 550-600kg/bag)
loading 23-24tons into 40ft HQ

*Required additional documents for import inspection and clearance
(FTA) Certificate of Origin
Phytosanitary Certificate
Fumigation Certificate

POD: Busan, South Korea.

Contact me at kital(at)kita(dot)net by e-mail for more questions.

Posted by: YoungSam KIM
Phone: +821080010013