Offer: RS series single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

Date: 2021.11.23
Id: 26869

RS series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to extract air from sealed containers to obtain vacuum, especially suitable for refrigeration maintenance (refrigerant is F12, F22, F134a system vacuum), printing machinery, medical equipment, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermoplastic molding. It can also be used as a backing pump for various high vacuum equipment.

Anti oil return design. The air inlet is specially designed to prevent oil from flowing back after the pump is stopped working so as not to contaminate the container and pipeline.
The aluminum alloy motor shell has high heat dissipation efficiency, guarantees long-term continuous normal operation, and has a beautiful appearance.
Integrated design. The motor and pump are designed as a whole, making the pump more compact, lighter and more reasonable.
Large starting torque. This pump is specially designed for low temperature environments to ensure normal start up when the ambient temperature is low in winter.

1. Standard packaging: one or two packed in solid and strong carton box.
2. Box filled with foam to protect the pump.
3. Oil and manual comes together with pump (If shipping by air, oil is prohibited, we will not pack oil then).
4. For large quantity order, we can pack in plywood box.
5. Client's customized packaging solution can be negotiated.

Refrigeration maintenance (refrigerant F12, F22, F134a system vacuum)
Printing machines
Medical instruments
Vacuum packaging
Gas analysis
Mobile phone patch
Resin glue
Vacuum drying
Laboratory apparatus
Tea packaging
Auto industry
Automatic control
Water purification treatment
Analytical instruments
Health & Beauty
Advertisement making
Equipment repair
Communication electronics
Environmental detection system
Oxygen production in plateau areas
Backing pump for various high vacuum equipment

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