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Offer: RUF Bark briquettes

Date: 2017.10.23
Id: 25545

Composition: Clean washed bark from spruce and pine trees.

Ideal for: Overnight burning. Also great for extending the life of your fire through the day.

Characteristics: Bark is designed by nature not to burn, but dried to below 10% moisture content, and compressed into these blocks, it makes a very good fuel with high calorific value. Bark contains more silica than heartwood, so it does leave more ash. However, it is the accumulation of ash that helps hold the heat overnight.

How to use: For overnight burning place two or three (depending on stove size) on top of a good hot ember bed. Turn the air flow down when the RUF Bark are well alight and there should still be glowing embers the next morning.

Please note: Store in a dry place. Do not overload your firebox.


Composition: Clean bark from Spruce and Pine trees
Compression: N/A
Calorific value: 5.0kWh/kg
Ash content: