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Offer: sany305 extended long reach excavator booms 24 meters q355b material

Date: 2022.10.10
Id: 27075

Long reach excavator is large work range, can fulfill lots of projects that need larger workrange requirements for excavators.
Long reach boom is very popular in lots of constructions,such as subway construction,dam construction,etc
Long reach boom also very popular and high efficient in dredging work,dredging river,dredging sea,dredging port,etc

Our Advantages:
1. We have more than 10 years experience in customizing all kinds of long boom for all kinds of excavators.
And we have detailed dimensions of most excavators,so just give us the excavator model is ok.

For this SANY305 Excavator,we also have detailed dimensions.

2. Main sheet Material of this SANY305 excavator long reach boom is Q345B + Q690D,the top and bottom cover plate of boom and stick is Q690D,and another sheet is Q345B, Pin’s material is 42CrMo4.

3. Before welding,we have use big edge milling machine mill the edge of the sheet.So the welding can go to the internal of the steel-sheet and make the structure have higher performance.

4. Our Welding is protective gas welding, the protective gas is 80% Argon and 20% CO2 mixed.

5. If your long boom needs an extra auxiliary hydraulic pipe for the breaker or other attachments, we also can prepare it for you.

And the auxiliary pipe also has stop valves on both ends, it's easy to replace attachments.

6. For big excavator long material handling arms, we usually adopt cast bases, much stronger.

7. For all long boom we produced, will supply following parts:
Bucket:1 pcs
Linkage:1 kits
Bucket cylinder:1 pcs
Hydraulic pipe:1 kits
Lubricant pipe:1 kits
Counterweight(if need):1 pcs
Stick cylinder: Can match the original stick cylinder to save cost, if you need it, we also can prepare it.
For bigger excavators (tonnage higher than 50ton), we advise using the original stick cylinder, original cylinder quality is much better.

Posted by: Katherine Chow
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