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Offer: sell pine, spruce, larch timber

Date: 2017.03.10
Id: 21863

We trader/producer company from Latvia and offer all wood production from Ukraine,Russia,Belarus,Baltic states.
We can sell any wood productions for Furniture, Flooring, Plywood, Construction, Pallet factories.
We can offer-
1)White Oak,White Ash, Birch,Pine,Spruce,Larch Un-Edged/Edged lumber, Beam, Strips, Stairs, Flooring, Furniture, Veneers, Glued Panels,F/J productions, Decking,Wall Panels.
2)Pine,Spruce,Larch lumber, AD/KD, Grade ABC,1000-5000m3 in month.
3)Basswood Lumber(Linden/Lime) 5/4 (32mm)and 9/4(55mm) Select & Better, #1C & #2C

85-130m3 in month. Origin Russia
4)White Oak Veneer.3.5/4.2mm(all width,lengths,grade).
5)wood for pallet.From Deadwood logs(cheaper),from Fresh saw logs wood.
We can also offer-White Oak,White Ash,Beech,Spruce,Pine,Birch,Poplar,Alder,Aspen,Linden(Basswood/Lime),Siberia Larch,Siberia Cedar logs and lumber, S4S(planed-Decking,Wall panel(any sizes, also 4sides T&G) and glued panel-(solid or F/J(Finger Join Laminated)),glued beam, Stairs, any furniture wood details.
Also can offer split firewood,pellets to Europe. Russia Plywood.
We can offer Pine/Spruce antique wood furniture/wall panels.(make from 100years wood). Oak design furniture.
Electricity line poles(also Impregnated), Machine rounded wood poles for House,for garden.
Also Sunflower oil from Ukraine and any production from Ukraine,Latvia,Russia.
Best regards, Nordic Timber Ltd, Riga, Latvia.
Tel.No.+371 26821140 (WhatsApp/Viber)