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Offer: shore hardness tester ht-6510(

Date: 2023.07.31
Id: 24781

Shore Hardness Tester HT-6510(A.B.C.D.O.OO.DO)
Shore Hardnes Tester/Durometer/Portable Hardness Testers can measture th aluminum alloy hardness,cast iron hardness,copper hardness etc.

Model Informations:
Indenter:0.79 Truncated (Frustum) Cone
Tested Materials:Soft Rubber, Elastomers, Natural Rubber Products, Neoprene, Resin, Polyester, Soft PVC,Lleather, etc.
Hardness Value:20 ~ 90 A
Indenter:R 0.1 Cone
Tested Materials:Middle Hard Rubber Materials, Typewriter Rollers, etc.
Hardness Value:Above 90 A, Below 20 D
Indenter:0.79 Truncated (Frustum) Cone
Tested Materials:Plastics and Middle Hard Rubber Materials
Hardness Value:Above 90 B, Below 20 D
Indenter:R 0.1 Cone
Tested Materials:Fibre Plastics, Hard Rubber, Hard Plastic Materials, Plexiglas,Stiff Thermo Plastics, Formica, Print Roller, Vinyl-plate, Cellulose Acetate, etc.
Hardness Value:Above 90 A
Indenter:R 1.2 Spherical Radius
Tested Materials:Plastics and Middle Hard up to Hard Rubber Materials
Hardness Value:Above 90 C, Below 20 D
Indenter:R 1.2 Spherical Radius
Tested Materials:Soft Elastic Materials, Print Rollers, Middle Firm Textile Fabrics, Nylon, Orlon, Perlon, Rayon
Hardness Value:Below 20 DO
Indenter:R 1.2 Spherical Radius
Tested Materials:Sponge- and Cellular Rubber, Foam Rubber, Silicone, Gel-like Materials
Hardness Value:Below 20 O
Indenter:R 2.5 Spherical Radius
Tested Materials:Hard Sponge, EVA
Hardness Value:Above 90 DO, Below 20 D

Parameters Displayed:Hardness Result, Average Value, Max. Value
Measurement Range:10~90 H
Measurement Deviation:<1 H
Resolution:0.1 H

We are the MANUFACTURER of measuring instrument in CHINA.

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