Offer: Stepper motor 23HS8630

Date: 2020.09.26
Id: 26520

Model: 23HS8630
Size: NEMA23
motor length: 76mm
Weight: 1.05kg
Phase: 2 phase
Step angle: 1.8 degrees
Current: 3A
Rated voltage: 3v
Resistance: 1 ohm/phase
Inductance: 6.4mH/phase
Holding torque: 190 ounces (1.35N.m)
Stop torque:
Rotor inertia: 480 g.cm2
Number of wires: 6(Black A+,Green A-,Red B+,Blue B-,Yellow and white can not connect)
Matching driver: DM542A

Posted by: Freda Huang
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