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Date: 2019.12.16
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The term wood preservatives defines that the wood preservation is the process of preserving wood from the wood destroying agents like insects or fungus so that the life span of the wood can be extended. It refers to the treatment of wood with chemicals to impart resistance to degradation and deterioration by living organisms. The proper application of chemical preservatives can protect wood from decay, and stain fungi, insects and marine borers, thus prolonging the service life of woods for many years.

The wood contents celluloses, hemicelluloses, starches and other susceptible materials that attract the fungi and insects to be degraded and eaten. After the preservative treatments, the fungi and insects cannot decompose and feed on these substances, hence the durability of wood is to be increased.

Termisolve is one of the best wood preservative. It is ideal for any type of wood, wood products, engineered wood products, deck, furniture, pole etc.

Termisolve protects wood and wood products from fungi, decay, moist, termites, wood borers etc. and environmental factors.

Since, a long time Termisolve is protecting wood from wood enemies.Termisolve has proven track record of quality.

Salient features:

Long time proved ingredients.
Easy to apply. Apply by brush, spray it or swab it.
Compatible for vacuum pressure treatment.
No need for skilled worker.
Termisolve deeply penetrates in wood.
Termisolve do not leach in soil and water.
Termisolve do not heart heartwood.


Increase structural strength of wood.
Increases life span of wood.
Prevents fungi, algae, termites, wood borers.
Controls moisture content.
Increases water resistance

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