Offer: timber microwave vacuum drying kilns 90000 usd

Date: 2017.06.26
Id: 24540

Application of microwave dewatering timber is very promising. Waves of microwave caused rapid heating within the timber, followed by the excessive growth of domestic steam pressure. There is a simultaneous diffusion of vapor molecules and its movement through the capillary pores of the wood and the system.
The process of removing moisture becomes more intense. This arrangement ensures removal of substantially all moisture to 98% in liquid form than the amount necessary to reduce drying energy. Ultrahigh frequency field generates a uniform effect on the timber, heating it with an intensity proportional to the amount of moisture contained therein. The process of withdrawal of moisture depends on the tree structure and its internal pressure. In the case of vacuum, the boiling point is directly related to the pressure value.

Article MGHPG-0060-LX
Maximum volume of loading of wood 10 м3
Minimum volume of loading of wood 5 м3
Power of the microwave oven of the generator 75 kW
Drying time (pine) to humidity of 10% 24 hours
Drying time (larch) to humidity of 10% 36 hours
Drying time (oak) to humidity of 10% 48 hours
Size of the camera, мм 2200х2400х7300

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