Offer: thermo ash decking, thermo wood

Date: 2019.04.26
Id: 24417

We manufacture thermally modified premium-quality wood for both interior decoration and outdoor uses. We use 100 % high quality wood from Eastern Europe, particularly form Belarus and Russia. Our facility is surrounded by the forest, which ensures a never-ending reliable supply. One of our primary products is thermally modified ash decking. This type of decking is a result of a complex process. Initially we dry the wood in a high frequency vacuum dryer until it lose excess amount of moisture. After that the wood is kept in a thermally modified wood kiln under 160°C - 220°C. This process has a permanent effect on the wood’s properties providing excellent durability, dimension stability and insulating qualities. The improved features of thermo ash decking reduce the potential for shrinkage, wrap or twist and ensure that the product keeps a new-like appearance for a long time. Since no chemicals are added, thermo wood decking is also environmentally friendly.

We work with companies dealing with construction industry, wholesale trade company as well as small retailers. Our aim is to be the best partner for our customers, opening up the almost endless possibilities of thermo ash. Our key strength is industrial efficiency delivered through true commitment, reliability and quality. Our customers know us from high-quality wood products, good service and reliable delivery.

We offer Ash grades I-III, KD,
Sizes: 19, 20, 21 x 100, 130, 145, x 1500-3000 mm
Also we offer larch decking and aspen sauna boards

Posted by: Yana Isayenka
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