Offer: veneer edgebanding species available

Date: 2017.04.24
Id: 25312

1. Veneer edgebanding species available: Okoume, Basswood, White Birch, White Oak, Walnut, Russia Oak, Ash, Maple, Golden Teak, Burma Teak, etc.
2. Finished thickness: 0.3mm-2.0mm
3. Standard width: 18mm-300mm
4. Length: 50m-200m/Roll
5. Grain: quarter cut grain, crown cut grain, cross grain.
6. Back finish: Pre-hot melt glue or fleeced back.
7. Character: Mainly used for furniture profile edging.

As a leading veneer manufacturer in China, Vicwin Wood Co., Ltd mainly manufactures and exports all kinds of wood veneer and edgebanding to many countries with high quality and competitive price.

Posted by: Vanessa Deng
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