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Offer: Pachyloba, Tali, Doussie, Iroko, Sapelli, Ekobelli, Padouk, Sipo and Azobe

Date: 2018.06.12
Id: 25717

we have African hard wood from the equatorial forest of Cameroon. Bellow are species we can offer to you; Pachyloba, tali, Doussie, iroko, sapelli, ekobelli, padouk ,sipo and Azobe.
We sell both in logs and lumber form.
Presently we have 50cbm of sawn tali with specification of 8cmx15cmx3m+. We also have 100cbm of sawn iroko with following specifications; 10cmx10cm,10cmx13cm,10cmx15cm ,10cmx20cm,13cmx13cm,15cmx15cm with length ranging from 1.8m to 5m.
We also have 60cbm of sawn pachyloba with same specifications as iroko above.
50cbm padouk is also available With specification of 6cmx15cmx2.50m+.
If you are interested in any of the species or may be you have a special specifications you want us to produce for you, contact us at