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Offer: Wood inspection

Date: 2023.05.24
Id: 27157

Quality inspection for wood and certification
AIM Control is Third Party Inspection in providing the international control services of inspection and survey, claim investigation and adjusting, tally and supervision, quality control and certification, diving and underwater works, vendor expediting and mechanical witness, testing and analysis, certification and approval under independent surveyors, inspectors, investigators, controller, divers, tally clerk, consultant and experts based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Email: [email protected], [email protected], cell: +84903615612.

Regarding to Quality inspection for wood and certification servcies, we are providing
1. quantity logs and wood survey
2. loading supervision
3. sampling ans test / analysis for any wood sample and shipment of wood in trading and purchase

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