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Offer: Wood pellet A1 royal, DIN plus one big bag, min 24t

Date: 2019.10.04
Id: 26171

Wood pellet Din+1 big bag, min 24t

Wood pellets DIN plus
(Spruce, Oak, Beech and pine)
Diameter: 6mm / 8mm
Color: light
Humidity: 6.8 %
Ash: 0.3-0.5 %
Heating value 4223 kKal/kg - 4996 kKal/kg
Packing: 15 kg bags or big-bag (990kg)
1 bag = 15 kg
1 pallet = 66 bags (990 kg)
1 truck = 24 pallets (24 Tons)
Delivery only available from upto 1 truck purchase
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