Offer: Wood pellet packing machine

Date: 2023.05.05
Id: 27151

Wood pellet packing machine, also known as pellet bagging machine, is used to weigh and pack wood pellets automatically. It can realize quantitative packing for granulate and powdery materials who have good fluidity, such as plastic pellets, rubber particles, fertilizer particles, chemical particles, grains, etc. The packing bags can be made of plastic, woven, kraft, sack, paper-plastic compound.
The automatic packing machine is a common equipment in large and medium sized pellet production line. It can accomplish automatic weighing, packing, conveying and sewing. For large-scale production, e.g. 5t/h or more, you’d better use an automatic wood pellet packing machine to save your labor and time.

Posted by: Amy Li
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