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Offer: Wood pellet production line

Date: 2017.07.17
Id: 25408

Vertical ring die pellet mill the hot model of wood pellet machine, pelletize the grined materials into wood pellet , the most suitable moisture is 15%, moisture 12%-20%

The special advantages of this machine is as below:

1.Vertical feeding, directly in pelletizing room, Die is static, rollers rotate; material are evenly distributed around pelletizing room because of centrifugal force, no block.
2.Double-layer die. Two layers both can be used for reduce the cost. High efficiency and save energy. Pelletizing room is also used for cooling, more options, and more gains.
3. Independent and frequent conversion discharge device can ensure the formation rate of pellet.
4.Ring die and vertical structure are good for cooling the pelletizing room.
5. Automatic oiling.

A typical pellet project contained below process for your reference:

1. Raw material preparing equipment (wood chopper, wood chipper, hammer mill, etc), to cut large size woody material for example logs, branches,
into smaller slice material also, go through wood chippers, straws into smaller pieces, of which the size is less than 3mm. This size is fit for pelletizing.
2. Material drying system: Raw material moisture means a lot to pellet production. Different material requires different moisture. If you want to make
pellets from wood, the humidity of the material must around 15%.
3. Pellet mill: typically a large vertical ring die pellet machine.

4. Pellets cooling and sieving station: pellets come from pellet machine need to be cooled down to keep a better strength, and the sieve will separate
intact pellets from ash, which could be in recycling use.

5. Packing machine: for package and scales