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Offer: wooden conical hot tubs

Date: 2018.10.10
Id: 23664

We produce wooden conic hot tub from different timber: spruce, larch and thermo wood. These tubs are much more comfortable to sit in, because you're sitting in a reclining position, you're sitting in a comfortable and more relaxing position. Conic tub diameter (the first number – bottom of the tub, the second number – top of the tub): 150/165cm; 165/180cm;180/195cm;200/215cm. Our wooden hot tub wall thickness is 42mm.
Now we produce the hot tub with internal heater and external furnace. This heater takes only 1 seat in the tub (the usual internal heater takes up 2 seats), it quickly heats the water in the tub (within 2 - 3hrs. till 40 degrees), does not pollute the water inside the tub, easily transported and cleaned from the ash, does not require additional space during installation you wish.
Wooden conical hot tub equipment: benches, steps, fence, water drainage facility in bottom, 2 stainless steel rings, drink holder , wooden cover with handles, mixing paddle, ash shovel (only with internal heater), heater (internal, internal with external furnace or external).