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Weather you want to broadcast a proposal to taylored potential business partners, to advert your products, or simply to promote your business - here is the right place to do it.

And what is most important - now it's FREE!

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- will get listed in 60.000-sized online Wood-me.com directory - one of the most complete wood directories on the web;
- will be able to post inquiries and spread them by e-mail to other members of Wood-me.com;
- will be able to subscribe for trade leads of your interest;
- will get easy to administrate, half-standardized homepage, where you can include your products and services, representatives of sales, marketing or other, contact information and a lot of other presentation materials and data.

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Wood-me Directory

Wood-me Directory is B2B marketplace for wood and wood related products, services and technology. Here you can find products and services of your interest and contact the companies directly.

What makes our service different from the others? First of all visitors can find an in-depth, high quality presentation about each company, its products, services and representatives. Secondly, the search can be made using the advanced search engine which can generate complex queries and produce search results in the most appropriate form.

From exhibitor's point of view our directory is good place to advertise for several reasons: a lot of business information is placed online and updated very quick and easy; from other side - there are many tools and possibilities to promote advertiser's website in order to reach audience for that information.

Our task is to provide exhibitors practical outcome, that is why we concentrate on active promotion of Wood-me Directory as a whole and of each company's products separately.

Get listed in our 60.000-sized online directory, one of the most complete wood directories on the web!  Registration is FREE OF CHARGE >>


Trade Board

This service is used to post public proposals, inquiries and other messages on Wood-me Trade Board. The messages are placed to Trade Board categories and automatically forwarded to other members subscribed for categories of your message or having requests for products of that categories.

You can also subscribe to receive sell or buy inquiries by categories of your interest. Trade Board is moderated by the service administrator, so you never will receive spam or other unsolicited e-mail.

Posting to Trade Board and subscription for inquiries is provided only to members of Wood-me Directory. Register here and publish your trade leads and spread them by e-mail to other members of Wood-me! Sign in and subscribe for trade leads of your interest!


Homepages/Virtual stands

By registering in Wood-me Directory users can build and edit their personal websites or virtual stands.

By building its website or virtual stand company gets a comprehensive, easy to administrate, half-standardized homepage where it can include its products and services, its representatives of sales, marketing or other, their contact information and a lot of other presentation materials and data. What is amazing, this site is automatically generated by filling the form on the internet. What is more, such a homepage has an attractive URL with company's name - https://company-name.wood-me.com (e.g., https://b2b-lt.wood-me.com).

Company will benefit from promotion of Wood-me and its personal Virtual Stand amongst wood industry players all around the world but firstly concentrating on European market.

Besides, users get detailed statistics about visitors on their homepages/virtual stands and e-mail inquiries received through Wood-me.


Banner advertising

It is an efficient way to promote your products and services, as the banners are displayed for highly targeted audience. Click here for more info


The project is managed by

K. Petrausko g. 26-217, LT-44156 Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 693 03603
E-mail: info[eta]wood-me.com